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Tina Hill,

RaiseRight Program

We are very excited about this opportunity to help you and the school financially! It is very easy and the great thing about it is you don’t have to purchase anything extra! RaiseRight means “substitute money,” (in the form of gift cards and/or gift certificates) therefore all you do is use RaiseRight gift cards/ E-cards instead of your normal means of payment for the shopping you are already doing.

Here is how the RaiseRight Program works:

1. National and local businesses have agreed to give Mt. Pleasant Christian School a discount. On the attached sheet is a list of all the businesses and the amount of the discount they will provide to the school and to your family.

2. Place your order online (See directions below). You will pay Mt. Pleasant Christian School by check or cash for each order you place. Placed orders go to a database that can be accessed by the office. We will then take your order and combine it with other MPCS families’ orders and then submit all of them together on the 5th and the 20th of each month.

3. The school’s RaiseRight account (where all your money is deposited) pays for it at the discounted amount. For example: Your family orders a Hy-Vee Gas card which offers a 10% discount, the school account pays $90.00 out of the $100.00 that you paid. The school then retains the difference ($10.00) between the face value (which you paid) and the discount. From that $10.00, your family will earn half and the school will earn half. You will then have a "CREDIT” on your monthly statement from the school. RaiseRight credits will be deducted from your amount due automatically. Therefore, the more you pay with RaiseRight, the more credit you earn!

4. The school orders twice a month, every other Friday (the dates can be found on the school calendar). Payment will be due on the day before the order is placed. We will contact you when your RaiseRight order is in.

5. Use RaiseRight just like money at the participating stores. Order new cards when you run out. Pay your IN STORE credit card with RaiseRight at these businesses: Kohl’s, Lowe’s, and Menard’s.

What are the benefits of using the RaiseRight Program?

1. All you are doing is exchanging money with RaiseRight. It is money you would spend anyway, so why not give yourself and the school some extra cash?

2. Recruit your family and friends ALL OVER THE COUNTRY to use RaiseRight. You can earn their credits by just telling us who they are and we will put their credits towards YOUR account!

3. We all give gift cards/certificates during Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions….why not use RaiseRight? It’s the same thing, only it’s benefiting you and the school!

4. It’s a great way to budget your family’s finances. For example if you budget a certain amount of money for groceries each month….this gives you the freedom to not have to track it. Just purchase that amount in RaiseRight and it is budgeted.

If you have any questions regarding the RaiseRight, please call the school at 319-385-8613.

Need to order RaiseRight?

It is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Go to
Scrip Gift Card Fundraising for Organizations • RaiseRight, and Click on "Sign Up"

2. Follow the simple steps.

3. Enter your enrollment code (call Mt. Pleasant Christian School to obtain this code) and Click Join.

4. Orders may then be placed by logging in when you want to order.

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